Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Alive!

Yep, it's a closet baby!  My favorite goat was in pre labor yesterday morning when I did chores.  She waddled around, bleating at me thru chores and hobbled her way to the front porch and cried.  Since we had 40mph winds, sleet and air temps at freezing, I let her in the house.  She laid on the floor and complained for 13 hours before actual labor.  20 minutes of it and there it is.  This year, she knows what's going on and the good Momma in her took over.  We were not having a repeat of last years under the truck in the pouring rain birth where in the end, the baby died.  So, at 11:45pm, last night, we had a live baby in the closet.  The damned goat ate my wallet over night to thank me for it too.  Ate my drivers license, gun card, insurance card, debit card, every receipt I had in there and half the actual checkbook.  Not a trace of the ID cards at all.  Ate them whole I guess.  Eh, the price one pays for being a loving goat herder I guess.  I need a shed with a wood stove in it.  This critters in the house thing got old quick.  Soon as the frost burns off the ground today, out they go.  8 towels and an old blanket need washed now......


  1.'s cute! Congratulations!
    Sorry about the wallet and it's contents though.

  2. Ya,,.cute. But you do need a shed and a pen for goats. Yea...hard to keep in anywhere, I know.