Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just a Lazy Day

Yep, that's how the Cranky old Hen feels- lazy. 

I discovered this morning, when I woke up with a chicken laying on my pillow next to my head, that the chicks can now jump out of the brooder.  That is unacceptable!  Chickens are horribly messy and I've a big enough mess in here with 2 stock dogs, a handful of cats and the mud that gets dragged in with every boot step.  I am NOT living with chickens pooping everywhere, how gross!  I can see now how my brilliant plan of hatching chicks out in the dead of winter for May eggs was filled with great intention but not actually such a great idea.  With nowhere safe and protected outside to put growing chickens, I am now stuck with them, in the house, until better weather gets here.  So, rounding up pieces parts from various areas of the farm to whip up a make shift growing pen for the now flying birds. 
Didn't quite have enough material to work with to build as big of a growing pen as these birds need, but this will do for now.
The wayward barn cat who begged to be a house cat when the temperatures turned brutal gave me kittens about a month ago.  She hid them out under the cabinets until last night.  This little grey had an encounter with one of the farm dogs this morning.  It puffed up as big as it could to scare the evil farm dog off.  Of course, the dog tucked tail and ran away.  I would too, what a ferocious lion that is!
Since today is my only day off from the off farm job, I'm kind of taking it easy and piddling around.  Made myself a typical farm snack for lunch, fried potatoes.  I still have a decent pile of potatoes from the fall harvest and if I don't eat them, they will just eventually go bad on me.  I was pretty worried about them when we had the sub zero temps, a few did get mushy so I'm watching them closely now.  Some bacon (who doesn't love bacon?) some diced onion thrown in once the bacon is mostly done, some sliced potatoes ( I use this cool mandolin slicer my son gave me to make shoe string taters) salt and pepper to taste and fry them until desired doneness.  Farm snack!
Now I need a nap, LOL
Oh, I got the electric bill today.  Total sticker shock there.  As usual, I have no clue how I'm going to pay it, the past due is more than my 2 weeks worth of paycheck. C'est la vie, quess I'll go without electric again this year.  Maybe I can save up enough to get some solar panels.  If anybody can live thru it, I can!

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