Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Need Coffeeeeee...

Oh yes, one of those days.  The mental stresses of yesterday have caught up with me while sleeping.  Plus, it's bloody cold in the dump I call home!  Wow, it's cold!  The handy little thermometer says 58F, yep, that's what I consider uncomfortable.  Just a few more days of this nasty, so the weatherman says.  Craziest winter I've seen since childhood!

A few more misc tidbits I didn't calculate in for the kitchen but those things will come along in due time.  The goal is the same, the intent is the same and it WILL happen.  Just not as quick as I thought it would.  LOL  Story of my life there.  But, I don't give up so easy so I keep plugging along.

Sure would be nice to have seedlings growing around here.  I take small consolation in knowing that none of the major greenhouses have anything started either.  I'm sure those businesses will just purchase seedlings from somewhere warmer come regular planting time.  Me, I'll just end up being behind because I don't plant anything I don't grow for myself.  Ah, I take that back, I made my son replace some plants with locally grown seedlings (amish greenhouse) one year when he was too busy playing video games to watch the unweaned baby goat for a couple hours.

Soon my place will look like it always does come spring. I am ready, willing and able to grow me some produce!  Have tomatoes, will travel, LOL

Eh, the sun is blazing on the combination of ice and snow that finished up yesterday morning here. 

So, what's on the agenda today?  Let's see.... bucket some water to the kitchen to do dishes and clean up so I can bake some bread and fix something for supper. Then, bucket more water to the wash machine for some laundry.  There always seems to be something here needing washed.  Then out to tend the farm critters, bust ice and such, check everybody out for injuries, sickness and so on.  After that it's back into the house to thaw rabbit water bottles, sweep and mop the floor.  Daily chores around here.  Another pot of coffee and then it's off to the job for a few hours.  Back home later on to do a last check of animals and a little reading before bed.  Yep, that's how exciting it is here!  LOL

This is what my batch of bread making usually looks like.  Simple recipe I got from I think the Happy Homemaker or maybe it was frugal homemaker, 4 or 5 years ago.  It's simpler than the old recipe I used to use and comes out the same every time no matter what the temperature and humidity of the day is.
So, why take the time to make my own bread you say?  Hmmm, have you ever read the ingredients label on a loaf of commercially sold bread?  Yep, bingo!  What just came out of my oven is nothing but flour, sugar, salt yeast and filtered water.
Well, off to get things done before the farm critters think I abandoned them!


  1. Hi Kat, Well while everybody was out parting for Mardi Gras I just stayed home, I don't participate in such foolishness anymore and besides the weather was rainy and cold.I was just fine enjoying the peace and quiet.I took a rabbit out the freezerf or dinner and enjoyed the hell out of it and had a little left for lunch at work for Wednesday.Nobody here but me want's to eat it(good for me).I sure am ready for some good tomatoes my self,I won't by the crap from wal mart. hang in there Kat ,somethings gonna bust open with the economy soon and we will be rich with food while the sheep are looking for uncle sugar.....Baaaaa.Prep on girl.

    1. That right, its party time down by you isn't it! Ha, you're right, peace and quiet is the best anyway! LOL Glad you found the new spot!