Friday, March 7, 2014

Pioneer Living

Looks like the Cranky Old Hen is going to get a first hand look at the old ways this year.  Life has been a struggle pretty much from the get-go of imagination here.  Every time I'd get going and find just a hint of success, something would happen that knocked me back down to nothing.  The problem has been eliminated, now all I need to do is build back up to some success.

I'm not one to stew in my misery, yes it depresses me and leaves me in a sour mood but it happens to all of us at some point.  I got in a really bad spot last year and many people reached out and helped me.  I am forever grateful.  Those wonderful people helped me survive when there were no options but homelessness for me.  I scraped by and I'm still scraping by, continuing to fight my way thru it.

This winter has been devastating.  For more than just myself.  As I look around and read my fellow bloggers posts, I become overwhelmed by the feeling of success from just still being here.  Alas, the lousy winter has caught up with me.  An outrageous electric bill has now landed at my door.  There is no way I can pay it, just not enough income here, no matter what I do.  So, I'm not going to worry about it and when they show up to shut it off, so be it.  I'll deal with it.  I do have a little experience with living absent electricity already.

Now, some people would most likely freak out not having electricity.  I am not going to like it much but I look at it this way.... the pioneers that settled this country did it.  They often traveled by wagon, out in the elements, months at a time to get where they were going.  When they finally got there, they had to build themselves a life out of nothing.

For me, I won't have to load a wagon and hitch up the oxen.  I won't need to build a shelter, this crappy house trailer is hardly good shelter but it keeps the rain off anyway, LOL  I also won't have to turn virgin ground into productive soil for growing food.   So, stick around and read about the coming train wreck, LOL  Aw, it won't be that bad, I hope anyway.

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