Saturday, March 8, 2014

Special Day

Today is my birthday.  I always seem to gauge my success or failures by where I am every year on my birthday.  I started the day with a cup of coffee and my sister messaged me.  She remembered my birthday!  I miss my family very much.  No matter what I am doing, they always have comfort and constructive criticism to offer.  Always suggestions on how to move forward.  Advise that makes sense to me when everything else is out of whack.  Even when it's not what I want to hear, I know they're probably right, LOL

So, here I am, another year older and looking back at my successes and failures of last year.

Successes- I got my food safety and management certificate.  I got my farmers market certificate.  I baked wonderful breads, cookies and pastries, did well at the market.  I got divorced.

Failures-  I didn't get the kitchen finished.  A few odds and ends to bring me into compliance that I didn't figure in with that old house.  It was more rough than it looked.  It needs to be brought up to the success side quicker.  Then, I chose my friends poorly.  I let outsiders get way too close and left myself open to injury when I got successful and they felt threatened by it.  Next comes the livestock liquidation and the equipment sell off to keep the land.  My previous failures led up to that and I learned that lesson the hard way.

So, into the new "year".  I'm feeling pretty good about it even tho I am rock bottom and struggling.  I'm in a position to work back up to success.  I've got the chickens, the rabbits, the goats and the gardens to work with.  The kitchen will follow once a little cash flow is established.  I am ready to begin a new season of preparedness and homesteading classes.  I hope to be able to do a few cheese making classes as well.  That will all depend on the one goat.  Stock liquidation and the one first time goat losing her kids and drying up on me put a dent in my potential but I'll just have to get around that in time.  I also have other opportunities floating in the wind for later this year.  Late summer is going to be exciting around here!  I can't tell you about it now but when it gets closer, I'll let you all in on it.  Big stuff!

I'm looking forward to the ground drying out.  Hard to build the brick oven and grill pit with soggy earth to work with.  A proper base needs to be built so when the earth gets soggy next year, the oven and grill pit do not sink or flounder in any way. This winter has taught me that the normal freeze line I intended to go down to for the base is not sufficient to prevent damage.  Considering how water lines froze in the ground, another 6 to 12" deeper is now on the agenda.  That means I will need a few more blocks for the base of both the oven and the grill pit.  One block at a time, I'll get them!

So..... stick around, this is going to be an exciting year!  Lots of projects in the works for more self reliant living, more frugal living projects too!


  1. Wishes for a Happy Birthday and a very successful year.

  2. Happy Birthday, a few days late!