Monday, March 3, 2014

The Cranky Old Hen

Welcome aboard the ship of madness!  It's a never ending story of choices.  Mostly bad ones.  Poor judgment in friends, partners and life.  So, if you don't enjoy sarcasm, just move on now!

So........ where to begin........ let's start with the delusion of the good life, LOL  Struggle, struggle, struggle, get a good job, get married, raise a couple kids, throw some farming in to round it off and here we are.  Rock bottom with nothing.  Marriage ended, kids grown, no farm, a handful of friends in the area who I was stupid enough to let screw me over and waaaaalllllaaaaaaa, cranky old hen.

Did I learn anything from all of it?  God, I hope so!

This blog will be a compilation of things I've learned along the way.  Join me in my journey (since you're still reading) and maybe you'll learn something too!

Today up until now has been a total wash out.  I haven't even managed to get dressed yet.  Kittens in the bed, born last night I guess.  Now I'll need to wash the blankets.  Yay rah.  The never ending bucket brigade to the wash machine.  No running water since the big freeze, all the pipes burst.  No sense in repairing them when winter isn't over yet.  Can't afford to do a job twice.  Laying under the crappy house in the freezing cold to repair broken water lines plus replace the ruined (an apparently worthless) insulation is not my idea of big fun.

What I'm actually procrastinating more than anything is going outside in the freezing cold to scrape the inch or 2 of ice off the vehicle so I can go to the job later today.  The sun is blinding, reflecting off the nice layer of sleet and ice on the ground and it's cold.  That's the extent of my thinking this morning.  Coffee and how to get the vehicle to be ice free without any effort.  Yah, like that will happen.

Well, I better get off my lazy ass and get to it.  More tomorrow..........


  1. Hang in there. Shit's bound to change eventually. Lord knows it's not like you don't try.

  2. hey...some of us have been here since biblical times. and then there's you who's been there sharing it for real and for free since before the time adam and eve were born. you've had yourself some share of sh*tty times...but made yourself some good friends along the way. scifi up above being one of them. and she's a gem. sent a response to your email - you get back to me and give me the green light on who to share with.

    we both wish you all of the best! your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  3. Aw, thanks guys! You know I love yas!

  4. Glad you are hanging in there. Cranky sometimes just means "stronger than life".

    1. Oh Brigid, glad you found me! I hate for folks to think I just disappeared.