Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Goes On...

And the rest of the daily drivel. It's more of the same old dirt, just in a different pile around here.  It's always been a struggle, right from day one of this little adventure.  First, it was fight the drunk while everything I've built was being torn down in drunken baby fits.  Then, it was the dead broke stage minus the drunk.  Now, we're in the kind of broke most of the time, critters dying, freezing our butts off stage.  It's all part of it.  Can't measure happiness if there is no sadness to compare it to.  No success without failure.  No gain without loss.

It's all about choice and choosing how you want to live.  It's always been about that, right from the start.

So, here I am, beginning of March, it's down right cold in the house every morning since I ran out of LP.  Was going to happen, no way around it.  When it did happen, I just dealt with it.  Yes, it's cold.  Yes, I would rather be warm.  I'm not warm so I deal with it.  I'm going to live thru it.

As usual, I've got baby goats being born in this nasty weather.  It's what happens when you have seasonal breeders. Mostly tho, it's good.  This year was kind of rough tho.  Losing 2 adult goats and 3 kids in a small herd is always a rough hand to play.  Not sure yet if Delta or Fluffy will take the herd over.  All the kidding going on, they're staying herded up and close to the barn.  No wandering yet.

Since I started this post, I've added one out of a set of twins to the herd of goats and a calf.  Baby kidded.  It was kind of rough for a first timer.  One of her kids was breach and it did not live thru the delivery.  Should have been 2 calves but Daisy cow went to a new home to get the past due on the LP bill paid.  Daisy had a heifer calf 2 days before Goober had her bull calf for me.  That figures.  Oh well, it's part of life on the farm I guess.  It's always an experiment in doing what you have to do as opposed to doing what you want to.
I managed to get all the winter bunnies sold.  Now I can start fresh this spring with just my base breeders in the hutch.  I'm also getting ready to start hatching chicks out.  Of course, I'm not any closer to having the chicken coop I've been trying to build for 2 years done.  Story of my life, LOL  One small step at a time around here, always.

The new work schedule that came with my promotion has kept me from making soap.  I will have all day this friday to whip out some new creations tho.  I want to get that acne/face bar going and some new goats milk soap creations.  Hopefully, all will go as planned and I get 3 or 4 batches added to the inventory.

Until then, happy times on the Serenity Farm......

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